• Company on hold

    1 September 2017

    This is an open letter to everyone who has been involved in the forthcoming of Polyfied as a company and perhaps more importantly supporting the Particle Playground project…

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  • Personal Performance Fix

    16 May 2015

    In the software industry, there’s a lot focus on making amazing and high-performing products which shall innovate and remodel our views on todays technology. What often is left out, sort of, is the people behind the projects. What are their needs? Could an entire project improve if needs would be met on a more personal level for each individual participating in the development? Most likely, yes!

    Inspiration for what we do is often the strongest motivation to improve, both ourselves and the things we accomplish. Inspiration is also a very delicate and tricky thing to actually trigger. For me it’s first when I feel comfortable with my surroundings and when I see success within that environment. This can at times be an entirely social thing, where in the right environment, valid feedback and positive input manages new leaps.

    Lately I’ve been through some career changes, or add-ons if you will to what I usually do. Previously all focus has been on my own company’s growth, helping out other companies with tech, improving Particle Playground and trying to expand the product inventory. Most has been accomplished from a small and safe space at home, this has been great as I’ve been able to create stuff at my own pace and spend a lot of time with the family. It has also had some downsides, where after a while it has become a hindrance for, that sort of important and obscure thing, personal growth.  (more…)

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  • Meeting with Microsoft

    19 March 2015

    I had the privilege to meet a very inspiring team at Microsoft recently. I was in need of Windows based hardware for my development of Particle Playground, so I reached out to one of my pals over Twitter @DaveVoyles to ask if they had a phone laying around. I got introduced to the Microsoft initiative BizSpark (which if you’re a startup is amazingly beneficial) and his colleagues over in Stockholm.


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