Congratulations you amazing artists!

7 April 2015

The Unity forums is a truly diverse and colorful place, crowded with talents from all corners of our planet. Perhaps yet more colorful since Unity and the inspiring artist Thomas Pasieka started the Unity Community Art Challenges each month. Every challenge has its own theme, with a set of generous prizes for the most thorough contributions. The March challenge was all about interpreting “Nature’s Shield”. The prizes handed out to the top contributors was SketchFab Pro, Cardboard VR, Particle Playground and a 3d printed UCAC award. Some really great products to power up your creativity!

The contributions were amazingly inventive, big congratulations to the three artists whom created these interesting scenes! A Particle Playground license has been sent your way.

1st place @BurnTheHorses

Nature’s Shield
by the7isbest
on Sketchfab

2nd place @VertexFiend

by vertexpusher
on Sketchfab

3rd place @essimoon2

Nature’s Shield – UCAC7
by essimoon
on Sketchfab


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