Polyfied, a studio invested in interactivity

Polyfied is a small one-man-studio founded on the simple purpose to create interactive tools and content. Polyfied is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

With a strong background in consulting for over a decade, a lot of important connections has been established. The clients vary from companies of all sizes, municipalities and institutions. The work is widely varying from graphics to software development in different environments.

The studio’s in-house production is focused on game development and bringing high-quality tools for Unity developers. The vision is to let companies ascend in their projects with ready-made assets to increase productivity and break new ground. All content produced under the Polyfied roof is striving for innovation where the user is the key aspect. User creativity and usability is a strong aspect throughout the entire product pipeline.

The founder and CEO of Polyfied is Lars-Erik Ronnheden.

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Polyfied, Kärrtorpsvägen 7, 121 55 Johanneshov, Stockholm Sweden