Playground update 2.26

9 April 2015

It’s time again to update your Playground to receive some interesting features and well needed fixes! 

The 2.26 update adds a neat feature for collisions where you can make particles stick onto their collided surface, following position, rotation and scale. Along with that the Collision Cache is introduced to enable more advanced collision behaviors. Through the cache you’ll be able to extend logic more easily upon the available collision information, especially if you combine this with Collision Events.


You can try the new Sticky feature by using the preset example “Sticky Bubble Explosion” and by adding a couple of colliders into your scene. If you wish to collide onto 2d colliders you can switch through Collision > Collision Settings > Collision Type. Make use of the Surface Offset and the Sticky Mask to fine-tune how the behavior should act in your scene.

What’s also new is that you can constrain a Manipulator’s affecting axis when repositioning or adding forces to particles. You’ll also find a toggle for Delta Movement to apply initial force by Random Between Two Values and multiple preset export through the Preset Wizard.

The added features:

  • Sticky and improved collisions.
  • Axis Constraints for Manipulators.
  • Apply random Delta Movement between two values.
  • Multiple Preset export from the Preset Wizard.

The fixes:

  • Particles with collision appears jumpy on rest.
  • Global Manipulators may throw ‘index out of range’ exception when tracking collisions.
  • Particle system’s Force Axis Constraints not cloning upon duplication.
  • Non-emitting system with Disable On Done runs before loop exceed upon instantiation.
  • All initialization of a particle system is moved to Start().

You can read more in detail about what’s done in the 2.26 update here.

The update is available through the Unity Asset Store, enjoy!