Particle Playground 3

Make a visual impact.

Development of Particle Playground has been paused and is no longer available to purchase. Read more about why in this blog post.

Particle Playground 3 is a versatile particle effect editor for the Unity Engine which extends the capabilities of the Shuriken particle system. Use new emission sources, control particles through a wide set of manipulators, apply turbulent forces, transition between particle systems and let them call events to extend your game logic. All of this is running through a multithreaded environment for rich performance.
Additional extension components included: Playground SplinePlayground Trails and Playground Recorder.


Welcome to the Playground


The framework is utilizing all available CPU, configurable for your project needs.

Event system

Let particles communicate with other systems and logic within your scene through the easy configurable Event system. Learn More

All platforms

Particle Playground 2 is available and adapted for mobile, console and desktop. All features included is available for Unity Free and Unity Pro.

The Playground Spline

Along the package you’ll find the diverse Playground Spline which can be used for any of your components. Learn More

Emission Sources

Use different sources for particle birth such as textures, skinned- procedural and regular meshes, paint, projection and splines. Learn More

Live Manipulators

Control particle behaviors through live transforms within the scene. Apply different algorithms for forces, colors, sizes and give particles specified targets. Learn More


Store the state all particles is in and create transition effects between different systems. Learn More


With the Particle Playground license you’re entitled to redistribute your created content. Learn More

Playground Components

Extensions in package:
Playground Trails
Playground Recorder
Playground Splines

Rich forces and turbulence

Control particles with highly configurable forces and apply turbulence algorithms for natural flow. Learn More

Scene- and script examples

Particle Playground 2 comes with a dense bundle of example scenes and scripts. You’ll also find an example project to learn the ins and outs. Learn More

Visual editing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert, all settings of a Particle Playground system can be controlled through the Inspector.

Publish your content

With the ownership of Particle Playground, redistributing your own particle systems is encouraged. Use this to for instance create particle system packages or apply an effect to any other assets you may distribute. In short, feel free to turn your particles into a business.

If your product is an extension to Particle Playground there’s a good chance you will be included in the Extend Your Playground category and into the Particle Playground editor (as a link to your product page).