RGBird Games

‘Mute’ is a ghost, mystery, first-person game which focuses around themes of love, brotherhood and tragedy. The game is set in an open-world wilderness. You start playing as Jeff, searching for his younger brother Steve, who went hiking in the canyon and disappeared. However, the game is not limited to playing as just one character, as the non-linear story weaves a narrative based around a total of five playable characters over a span of one hundred years.

You will be tasked with surviving the wilderness and its local fauna, which can see, hear and smell you. Merely hiding behind cover and staying quiet is no longer enough to ensure survival, especially if the wind is against you. All living creatures leave tracks that can be followed. Predators are also an unremitting danger so you must watch out for them and their hunting grounds too.

The game world takes inspiration from a number of spectacular locations in the Western United States, such as Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and Yellowstone National Park, just to name a few. The world reaches over an area of roughly sixteen square kilometres (a little over six square miles) and presents the player with a vast assortment of terrain to explore, including deserts, mountains, saves, canyons, forests and a few other locations that will be kept secret for now. Each environment has its own unique fauna. The player will be encounter wolves, mountain lions, bears, deer, snakes and more.