Playground Recorder

Record, playback and time scrub your particles

The Playground Recorder can record, playback and time scrub particles. After a recording is made you can Trim the non desirable frames. To store recordings over sessions it uses a Scriptable Object called Playground Recorder Data. When using this you can record in Play Mode and playback whenever.

You can use the Playground Recorder’s playback as an option to otherwise heavier live calculated particle systems to improve performance.

The Playground Recorder’s recording and playback is done in a multithreaded environment.


The Playground Recorder is part of the Playground Components which extends the functionality of Particle Playground systems. These components are introduced in Particle Playground 3 and is part of the Particle Playground installation.

Playground Recorder Overview

Multithreading friendly

Recording and playback is done asynchronously determined by Particle Playground’s configurable thread distribution.

Store recorded data

The recorded particle data can be serialized into a Scriptable Object in between sessions.

Control frame interval

Ability to set the frame interval for the recorded particle frames.

Seamless playback speed

The playback speed can seamlessly be set and act as a time scrub.

Frame trimming

Edit your particle recording afterwards through trimming, all done from the same Inspector UI.

Easy scripting API

Control recording, playback, time scrub and go from playback to live particles easily through scripting.


To start recording particles in a Particle Playground system you select the particle system in Hierarchy and press Playground Recorder found in the Playground Components section in the Playground Wizard (Window > Particle Playground).

Editing the behavior of the Playground Recorder is done through the Inspector.


Starts the playback.

Stops the playback/recording.

Starts recording.

Clears the recording.

Playhead Position
The normalized playback time.


Particle System
The Particle Playground system to record from and playback into.

Recorder Data
The serialized data which stores the recordings over sessions. This is using a Scriptable Object which can be recorded into during Play Mode and stored in the project.

Keyframe Interval
The interval in seconds when to create particle keyframes when recording.

Playback Speed
The speed of time during playback, for example lower this value to create a slow-motion effect.

Determines if the playback should loop when playhead reaches the last frame.

Fade In
Determines if particles should fade in on birth appearance to solve any missed keyframe data between individual particle death / birth.

Size In
Determines if particles should appear by scaling up to solve any missed keyframe data between individual particle death / birth.

Skip Interpolation On End Frames
Determines if particles shouldn’t interpolate when reaching the playback position of where recording stopped and then started again (simulating a cut instead of a transition).

Set Local Space On Playback
Determines if the particle system should enter local space simulation during playback. This enables you to move the particle system around freely and keep the recorded particle positions local to the Transform.

Determines if the recording and playback should run asynchronously. (Recommended)