Publishing Guide

With the ownership of Particle Playground, redistributing your own particle systems is encouraged. Use this to for instance create particle system packages or apply an effect to any other assets you may distribute. In short, feel free to turn your particles into a business.

Using the Preset Wizard

You will find the Preset Wizard through the Playground Wizard by pressing Preset Wizard or on any Particle Playground system at the very top by pressing Create Preset. From here you can create new presets and export presets.

Any preset can be exported as a UnityPackage using the Preset Wizard to prepare it for publishing. There are some ground rules to follow, where you may not export a full version of Particle Playground (where any of the Editor scripts are disallowed) along your UnityPackage. The Preset Wizard will let you export just what’s needed without having to second-guess that anything unwanted tags along your package.

Exporting Presets

  1. Select the Publish toggle in the Preset Wizard.
  2. Select your preset(s) in the Preset-list. A preset’s icon will automatically be included where available.
  3. Press Create. The UnityPackage will be stored in your chosen directory.

Anyone installing the UnityPackage will not need to own the Particle Playground framework, but will in that case not be presented with all settings to tweak the particle system through the Inspector. Should you have any features to your particle system you wish anyone to be able to edit, it’s recommended to create a script which will alter your feature’s behavior.


Feel free to redistribute (share/sell) your asset(s) through any channel you prefer. You agree that Polyfied cannot be held responsible for the quality of your asset when redistributing assets connected to the Particle Playground framework. Once your product is available you can submit the information in this form, for evaluation to be included in the Extend Your Playground category. Note that your asset must be available on the Unity Asset Store to be included.

For inquiries please contact