What happens in a 24 Hour Sale on the Unity Asset Store?

26 March 2015

Particle Playground has had the privilege to take part of a couple of Unity Asset Store events, such as the Birthday Bonanza and 24 Hour Sales. During these hours you can expect just about anything, as the spotlight is on you and your product. The first time I experienced this was completely overwhelming, I had no idea that there was so much potentiality and power in these type of sales. Particle Playground just returned from another interesting sale of being 65% off, let’s have a closer look at what happened!


I know UAS has been under a lot of pressure lately with juggling all assets, the recent Unity 5 release and creating new store features, hence the publishers haven’t had much notice when some of the assets go into a sale. This time though, I was notified by the amazing and hard working @KamioUnity over at UAS with a couple of weeks notice. This was perfect as I was able to prepare the Playground page and think a couple of steps ahead. I created this countdown timer, which honestly I’m not sure if it had any immediate effect on sales, but perhaps rather imply that a sale was ongoing.


This sale was also a perfect deadline to have a new and improved Playground site ready for the users. This was something I had started working on a couple of weeks before the notification, but it sure put some perspective into the available timeframe. What I really wanted was to have a truly welcoming site with a lot of material to get started, basically to make new users feel comfortable in starting up and to decrease support errands in the long run.


I decided to setup an iMacro on my workstation to measure the sales per hour. As I unfortunately don’t have any previous detailed data to compare with, the comparison in this chart is set per hour with the amount of sessions (UAS product page visitors). From 6AM 25th of March – 6AM 26th of March (PDT time).

Put into a graph:


And a table:


What we can see is that the interest is at its peak during the very first hour, this is much thanks to the initial social media push and presumably the initial interest of a new product at the UAS front-page. The very first hours are steady in sales and then drops to instead fluctuate over the day at a lower pace. The very last hour @unity3d and @UnityAssetStore did a final push through Twitter which is why the sessions increased so drastically in the end. What needs to be taken into account during the 24 hour measure is geography, where most Unity users are from United States. The fluctuating pattern presumably comes from workdays starting over the world.

A lot of visitors was coming from Facebook (754 sessions) and Twitter (531 sessions) during the entire 24 hours. From the polyfied.com (this) site there was 495 sessions to the UAS product page, which most could probably be seen as returning visitors. Most sessions are from direct visits, meaning people finding their way in through the Unity Asset Store’s front-page on the web and in the Unity Editor.

I did a couple of tweets during these 24 hours but it didn’t have any measurable effect whatsoever, probably because I’m terrible at social media. I notified the Unity3d channel at Reddit about the ongoing sale, which however did have a positive effect (540 sessions to polyfied.com). The overall sessions to polyfied.com during these 24 hours was 1954.

Update: Through statistics handed over from UAS we could also see that the incoming sessions which resulted in a sale was represented by ~40% organic, the Unity site and forums by 25% and polyfied.com (this site) by 11%. This means that the purchase decision from the customers came from entering the UAS product page on their own or through the Unity forums and the Playground site, hardly through a link on social media. The first social media push by Unity and Unity Asset Store did however represent 10% of the sales, where the last social media push resulted in 1% of the sales. Facebook brought 9% and Twitter 2,2% in sale conversion.

This is great to be aware about regarding how you should phrase and emphasis your status updates. It also tells us that a key factor is working your way through the forums and that you should have a product page which is cross-promoting these type of sales.


Total sessions to the UAS product page: 5966, total licenses sold: 694. A rate of 11,5% sold copies of Particle Playground of all visitor sessions. By all means a successful sale during this short period of time. Social media is not a key factor to immediate sales, but instead rather increased awareness of the product.

If you’re about to enter such promotion as a 24 Hour Sale, be prepared for a lot of support errands (during and a couple of days after). You may also get very interesting or unexpected inquiries from any corner of the world into your inbox. Expect the unexpected, remember to eat, sleep and have fun!

Lars-Erik Ronnheden