Particle Playground - Script Reference  3.0.1
Framework for controlling particles in the Unity Engine.
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Class Hierarchy
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 CParticlePlayground.CollisionCacheThe collision cache contains information of all particle collisions.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundQueue< T >The Playground Queue class is a self-managed thread pool which consumes actions sent into EnqueueTask(Action).
 CParticlePlayground.ManipulatorObjectCHolds information about a Manipulator Object. A Manipulator can both be Global and Local and will affect all particles within range.
 CParticlePlayground.ManipulatorParticleThe Manipulator Particle class is a container for tracking particles in their particle system. When reaching a particle on a Manipulator the particle will convert to a PlaygroundEventParticle.
 CParticlePlayground.ManipulatorPropertyCHolds information for a Manipulator Object's different property abilities.
 CParticlePlayground.MathManipulatorPropertyHolds information for a Math Manipulator. This can be used to apply extensive particle behaviors, such as positioning or changing sizes using sine, cosine or linear interpolation math.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundCThe PlaygroundC class is the Playground Manager which runs all Particle Playground systems and is containing all Global Manipulators. The Playground Manager acts as a wrapper class for common operations and contain functions for creating and altering particle systems. You will also find the global event delegates (particleEventBirth, particleEventDeath, particleEventCollision and particleEventTime) for any particle systems broadcasting events with "Send To Manager" enabled.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundMultiRecorderThe Particle Playground Multi Recorder enables playback and scrubbing of multiple recorded synchronized particle systems.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundParticlesCThe PlaygroundParticlesC class is a Particle Playground system driven by the Playground Manager (PlaygroundC). A Particle Playground system contains settings and data for altering a Shuriken component.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundRecorderThe Particle Playground Recorder enables playback and scrubbing of recorded particles. The method used is storing built-in particle arrays as keyframes, then interpolate between current keyframe and next upon playback
 CPlaygroundSplines.PlaygroundSplineHolds information about a spline and contains functions for working with the nodes and bezier handles.
 CPlaygroundSplines.PlaygroundSplineMeshThe PlaygroundSplineMesh class lets you create a mesh from a Playground Spline.
 CParticlePlayground.PaintObjectCHolds information about a Paint source.
 CParticlePlayground.PaintPositionCConstructor for a painted position.
 CParticlePlayground.ParticleProjectionCHolds information for Source Projection.
 CParticlePlayground.ParticleStateCHolds information about a State source.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaybackParticleA Playback Particle is a struct for keeping information about one single particle in a Playground Recorder's recorded data.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundAxisConstraintsCHold information for axis constraints in X-, Y- and Z-values. These contraints are used to annihilate forces on set axis.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundBrushCHolds information about a brush used for source painting.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundCacheThe Playground Cache contains all data for particles in built-in arrays.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundColliderCHolds information for a Playground Collider (infinite collision plane).
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundEventCHolds information for a Playground Event.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundEventParticleHolds information for a PlaygroundEventParticle. The Playground Event Particle contains detailed data upon an event and is sent towards any event listeners.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundFollowerPlayground follower class.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundGradientCContains information for a color gradient.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundSaveHolds information for a particle system Snapshot.
 CParticlePlayground.PlaygroundTransformCWrapper class for the Transform component. This is updated outside- and read inside the multithreaded environment.
 CParticlePlayground.RecordedFrameThe RecordedFrame class contain information of a single frame of recorded particles for the Playground Recorder's recorded data.
 CParticlePlayground.SerializedFrameA serialized frame holds information about one recorded frame of particles.
 CParticlePlayground.SerializedParticleA serialized particle holds information for one single serializable particle inside a recorded frame for the Playground Recorder's recorded data.
 CParticlePlayground.SimplexNoiseThe Simplex Noise algorithm applied in Turbulence.
 CParticlePlayground.TrailParticleInfoThe trail particle info struct contains data about particles to be read by a Playground Trail.
 CParticlePlayground.Vector3AnimationCurveCHolds AnimationCurves in X, Y and Z variables.
 CParticlePlayground.WorldObjectBaseCExtended class for World Objects and Skinned World Objects.
 CParticlePlayground.SkinnedWorldObjectHolds information about a Skinned world object. Consider to NOT use Optimize Game Objects at the skinned mesh's Import Settings for best performance of extracting its vertices.
 CParticlePlayground.WorldObjectHolds information about a World object.